Why has my Internet Service Provider directed me to this page?

South African ISPs are supporting a new best practice called the icode to help protect their customers and their networks. You may have been directed to this site because your ISP’s systems show your computer could have been infected by malicious software (or 'malware') such as a computer virus. Continue reading...

What is the icode?

You can read more about the icode here.

So what can you do?

How to participate in the iCode as an ISP

If you are an ISP, and interested in becoming iCode compliant and being listed on this website please send a mail to queries (at) ispa.org.za with "My company is interested in becoming iCode compliant" in the subject line and the necessary documentation will be sent to you. Please note that although the iCode is an ISPA project, membership of ISPA is not a requirement for participation in iCode.

Participating ISPs

The following ISPs have confirmed that they are iCode compliant:

The following organisations are supporters of the iCode: