Professional help

If you are unsure about how to disinfect your own computer system or local network, there are South African companies that can help you restore your system and install various alerts including improved back-up services so you can avoid having a malware-infested system in the future.

Services provided may include:

  1. Professional Malware Removal solution: Analyse, interpret and apply a particular solution relevant to each scenario. May need several tools and processes to clean up embedded malware infections.
  2. Back-up and Rebuild solution: Where your data (images, documents, and audio, video files etc.) as required are copied to a separate hard drive. Computer then undergoes a re-installation of your operating system, followed by restoration of data from backup.

These services may be offered as a standalone once-off service or on an ongoing basis, depending on the organisation you choose.

Please ensure that you read and understand the service and support offering supplied prior to engaging solutions: Disclaimer.